Chin filler treatment is a non-surgical procedure, using hyaluronic acid based fillers.

It enhances the balance and symmetry of facial features either with focus on front profile, side profile, or both.  The goal is a natural and balanced aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Chin filler treatment is a powerful solution for achieving balance to their features. It is a popular treatment for many patients as it can do so much. On front profile, we have the option to enhance the chin to be more feminine or masculine in shape, as well as increasing the length if necessary. Reshaping the chin can also help the face to appear more contoured, in those looking for v-lining. Further, we can achieve profile balancing with this treatment, allowing for more projection, to achieve harmony with the forehead, nose and lips. This treatment can also powerfully help those who are experiencing jowls and overall aging of the lower face.

Chin filler treatment offers a non-surgical alternative to traditional chin augmentation surgery. The procedure provides a subtle enhancement without the need for extensive downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities promptly.


Your journey begins with a thorough consultation with our experienced practitioners. We assess your facial anatomy, discuss your aesthetic goals, and create a personalized treatment plan to achieve the desired chin enhancement.

Comfortable Experience:

During the procedure, a topical numbing cream is applied to ensure your comfort. Our practitioners prioritize your well-being and strive to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

After the treatment, you may experience mild swelling or bruising, which typically subsides within a few days. Our practitioners provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery.

Chin Filler Reviews

Thank you so much for my fillers today. absolutely love them, will defo be back for more ?❤️ !

Name/ Initials: S.J. - verifiedTreatment: Jawline and chin fillers

I am very pleased with the result! The treatment was done with care and everything was completely explained. There was no pain and it was very comfortable. Best treatment I have received yet! Will definitely be back :). Also, cute aftercare products that most clinics don't provide.

Name/ Initials: M.L. - verifiedTreatment: Chin fillers

I have always hates my side profile and never really understood what I cools do to change it. I even looked into jaw surgery once! Dr Saetta explained everything so well, and completely understood I wanted to look natural still. I love the results. Its completely natural and I wish I did it years ago

Name/ Initials: S.S. - verifiedTreatment: Chin filler

As soon as I arrived the girls made me feel welcome and at ease. Dr Saetta gave me great advice about the procedure and recommended alternatives to achieve my desired outcome. The procedure was quick and pain free and I love the result. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone.

Name/ Initials: B.R. - verifiedTreatment: Chin filler

Staff were very nice as I walked in which made me feel less nervous. Dr Saetta was very honest in giving me the best option for a more beautiful face structure which I had no idea about. Overall the results for my chin filler made a huge difference in my face being more feminine looking. Very happy with the results, will be coming back.

Name/ Initials: C.E. - verifiedTreatment: Chin filler

Benefits of Chin Filler Treatment

Enhance your features

Chin filler treatment can be adapted to your needs, producing a more balanced and aesthetic result.

Non-Surgical Solution

Enjoy the benefits of chin enhancement without the need for surgery or lengthy downtime.

Natural-Looking Results

Our goal is to provide natural-looking results that enhance your unique features.