The Obagi Signature Facial

This 60 minute hydrating Obagi Facial is suitable for all skin types, the treatment starts with lymphatic drainage of the face (perfect to help reduce puffiness and sluggish circulation).

Ideal for all skin types, and those wanting to get achieve an immediate glow.

The Acne Facial

This is intended for patients who suffer from Acne or have oily skin which is prone to breakouts.

The Acne Express Protocol is a 30-minute hands-on facial session suitable for once-weekly application that will control your skin sebum secretion and reduce breakouts.

It is recommended to be done in a 4-6 session series with a 1-week interval between each session.

Ideal for acne prone skin types.

The Age Defying Facial

The OBAGI Age Defying Facial is intended for patients who have fine lines, wrinkles and would like firmer skin.

A 60 minute exfoliating  treatment which uses a range of peptides and vitamin C to quench the skin, improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles. This skin plumping facial will give you instant hydration and glow.

The rejuvenating and replenishing facial experience is perfect for those with ageing skin concerns.

We assure you that after the first session you will feel the difference

Ideal for mature/ageing skins.

The Antioxidant Force Field Facial

OBAGI facials provide customised experiences with impactful, targeted treatments to exfoliate, refresh and revitalise the appearance of your skin.

The OBAGI Antioxidant Force Field Facial is intended for patients with previous visible damage who are interested in taking the first step to fortifying the skin’s natural defence against future environmental assaults.

This super boost of  vitamin C will make your skin look  and feel radiant and if used in conjunction with our use at home products can help to reduce pigmented spots on the skin.

This antioxidant facial is perfect for those with photodamage. It is a 50 minute hands-on facial session

Ideal for dull, tired skin, pigmentation, can be used in pregnancy.

The Radiance Soothing Facial

A 60 minute gentle facial has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties which will give you instant skin radiance. Your skin will feel plumped and hydrated after this treatment.

Ideal for sensitive skin, can be used in pregnancy.