A Lip Flip treatment with Botox is as aesthetic procedure designed to enhance the appearance of the upper lip by relaxing the muscles around the mouth.

Unlike lip fillers, which add volume to the lips, a lip flip focuses on improving the shape and definition of the upper lip by slightly lifting the lip line. The primary goal of a lip flip is to subtly lift the upper lip by relaxing the muscles around the mouth. It enhances the definition of the upper lip without adding significant volume.

  • Botox is injected into the orbicularis oris muscle, which surrounds the mouth.
  • The neurotoxin temporarily relaxes the muscle, causing a subtle upward movement of the upper lip.
  • The ideal candidate is one who finds when they smile their top lip “disappears”, and rolls inwards. This is evidence of a hyperactive orbicularis muscle.
  • Individuals seeking a subtle improvement in lip shape without significant volume.
  • Those with a naturally thin upper lip or those looking to enhance lip definition.
  • If you prefer a subtle change in lip appearance without a major increase in volume.
  • If you are interested in addressing the shape of the upper lip or reducing gum exposure while smiling.
  • If you are looking for a temporary solution that requires less maintenance compared to lip fillers.


Enhanced Lip Definition

The procedure accentuates the border of the upper lip, creating a more defined and pouty appearance.

Subtle Lift

A lip flip provides a subtle lifting effect without adding significant volume, resulting in a natural-looking enhancement.

Reduced Gum Show

In some cases, a lip flip may help minimize excessive gum exposure while smiling.