One of our most popular sought after treatments at the clinic is the use of Botox to tweak the appearance of the nose, which can be used in combination with filler.

Botox can be used in the nasalis lateralis, nasalis alae and depressor septi muscles for cosmetic purposes, particularly in the context of facial rejuvenation and refining the appearance of the nose.

The ideal candidate for the use of Botox in the nose are those bothered by changes in its appearance when animating the face. This can include the appearance of a wider nose or droopy tip when smiling, and a strong nasal flare.

Nose Narrowing

The nasalis muscle is a facial muscle that plays a role in facial expressions, particularly in the movement and shaping of the nose. The nasalis muscle consists of two parts: the transverse part (also called the nasalis alae) and the alar part (also known as the dilator naris). These parts work together to contribute to various movements and expressions involving the nose.

The candidate for this treatment is one who notices a widening or flaring the nostrils, during certain facial expressions, such as expressing surprise or intense emotion. By using Botox we can stop this process and allow for a more narrowed and refined appearance.

Nose Tip Lifting

The depressor septi muscle contributes to the downward movement of the nasal tip. Botox injections in the depressor septi can be used to address concerns related to an overly active muscle, potentially helping to refine and lift the nasal tip. This may be part of a non-surgical approach to nasal reshaping.

The candidate for this treatment is one who notices the nose tip droops down when smiling, laughing or talking. If you experience that your nose tip is droopy at all times, not just when animating, you are likely a better candidate for nose filler.


Is BOTOX® safe?

Botox injections in these areas are administered by a qualified and experienced medical professional. The injections are precise and aim to achieve a subtle effect, maintaining natural facial expressions while reducing the appearance of wrinkles or altering the dynamics of certain facial muscles. This procedure is completely safe

Will this affect my smile?

Careful assessment and customization of the treatment plan are crucial to achieve natural-looking results. Botox used in the muscles discussed above should have no affect on the smile, as the muscles involved in smiling are different.

Will this work for me?

As with any cosmetic procedure, individual results do vary. However if you are bothered by the changes your nose make when animating, particularly the widening and drooping of the nose, you may be a candidate