Botox is most known as an anti-ageing treatment. By preventing and treating lines and wrinkles the skin appears smoother, more youthful and rejuvenated.

BOTOX® is a prescription-only drug (botulinum toxin). As an anti-ageing treatment, Botox is injected into the face in order to relax the facial muscles and improve the appearance of wrinkles, creases and sagging.

It is very safe when used by qualified and experienced doctor practitioners. Recovery time is short in comparison to many other cosmetic procedures.

How does BOTOX® work?

When BOTOX® is injected, it relaxes the contraction and tension of facial muscles by blocking nerve impulses. Since these muscles will no longer be able to contract, the face relaxes and this softens and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and creases in the skin.

The treatment is not permanent, so patients should anticipate re-treatments every few months to prevent further wrinkles from forming. BOTOX® can be used preventatively, to delay the appearance of wrinkles. Treatment time is fairly quick, and takes around 15-20 minutes.

Who is BOTOX® for?

BOTOX® is a popular choice with men and women who wish to reduce the appearance of winkles and lines, typically around the face and neck. BOTOX® patients can be of any age or gender, and the popularity of the treatment is increasing every year.

How much will BOTOX® cost?

The cost of BOTOX® treatment will vary from clinic to clinic, and is usually dependent on the quality of product used and expertise of the practitioner. See our Price List for the latest information.

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The first step is to have a consultation with one of our doctors. Your consultation will include a discussion of your concern and goal, a thorough assessment of face/neck, and a review of your medical history. After a full discussion of the treatment, including the risks and benefits, the most appropriate treatment plan will be recommended, taking into account any budgeting.

Anti-Ageing Botox Reviews

Had botox- very happy with the results and process overall!

Name/ Initials: J.S. - verifiedTreatment: Botox

It was my first time getting Botox and i am so happy with the results! Highly recommend Dr Saetta

Name/ Initials: M.F. - verifiedTreatment: Botox

Dr Saetta has been fantastic in administration of treatment. She clearly has a high level of attention to detail and made me feel very comfortable. I am very happy with the treatment and look forward to re-booking.

Name/ Initials: B.M. - verifiedTreatment: Botox

I was very nervous when I arrived, but I was made to feel welcome and at ease. Dr Saetta explained everything to me. The procedure was all over in about 15 minutes. Dr Saetta is very professional and focused with what she was doing. I would recommend her.

Name/ Initials: F.H. - verifiedTreatment: Botox

After months of following her work closely, I have had my botox (3 areas) and I am nothing short of overwhelmed at how professional, comfortable and at ease I was made to feel. Highly recommend.

Name/ Initials: B.P. - verifiedTreatment: Botox

I had a lovely time today with amazing results. Dr Saetta is very skilled at her work and takes time in perfecting. I feel refreshed and younger already! Thank you so much.

Name/ Initials: L.J. - verifiedTreatment: Tear trough fillers

Fantastic! Pain-free procedure. Will definitely be more regular with my botox now, as was previously put off by pain and intimidating doctors, but Dr Ally is so lovely and friendly!

Name/ Initials: K.H. - verifiedTreatment: Botox

I am so pleased I found Dr Saetta. She has restored my confidence and I can't wait to get more! Thank you x

Name/ Initials: M. M. - verifiedTreatment: Lip fillers, botox

I am really pleased with my brow lift & cheeks. I look refreshed and vibrant! Dr Ally is simply amazing!

Name/ Initials: F.L. - verifiedTreatment: Brow lift botox + fillers, cheek fillers

Was really nervous about needles until I met Dr Saetta what amazing results. Thank you so much I really love what she has done and also made my nerves vanish in a dash I cant thank her enough. Amazing lady

Name/ Initials: C.W. - verifiedTreatment: forehead, frown, crow botox


Is BOTOX® safe?

Botox is the original and most extensively studied anti wrinkle cosmetic treatment on the market, trusted by millions to give a more youthful and energised appearance. Botox is a quick, safe and non-invasive injectable treatment which smooths wrinkles, rebalances facial features and creates a younger, more refreshed look. We offer safe and effective botulinum toxin anti-wrinkle injections that are only prescribed by our highly-experienced medical practitioners.

Will the injection hurt?

As with any needle, you might feel a pinch when the BOTOX® is injected. However, we use a very fine needle to minimise discomfort, as well as a delicate hand. Treatments are made as comfortable as possible according to the treatment and we always offer a topical anaesthetic.

Are there any negative side-effects?

The most common side-effects of BOTOX® are mild pain and tenderness around the point of injection as well as very mild swelling, which should subside within a few hours. A headache of double vision is rare. Very occasionally, the treatment may cause other muscle groups to relax, which can give the appearance of drooping eyebrows or eyelids. This is extremely rare,and should subside within a few weeks.

What is Baby Botox

For those who are looking for a particularly natural and subtle result to prevent lines and wrinkles, ‘Baby Botox’ refers to a particularly delicate approach, we use the same BOTOX® solution for the injections in the same strength. However, much smaller amounts are used and are placed extremely carefully into the fine dynamic facial muscles where they will relax the muscle contractions by blocking nerve impulses. This treatment allows for just a slight and subtle reduction in muscle contraction, and may not last as long.

Which areas of the face can be used

For anti-ageing Botox treatment, we can use in it the upper face for smoothening and lifting of the forehead, frown, around the eyes, with the option of liftin the eyebrows in the case of hooding. It can also be used in the lower part of the face for example, around the mouth for issues such as smokers, or for lifting the corners of the mouth, as well as smoothening and softening of the chin appearance. We can also inject botox in the neck for a lifting treatment.

Other areas that can be treated for improving the aesthetics of the face include, masseter botox to slim the jaw, slimming and lifting the nose,  reducing the appearance of a gummy smile, and reducing tension and size of the trapezius muscle and calves. Lastly, this is a great treatment for patients with under-the-muscle breast implants who dislike the appearance of the implants when the chest contracts.